There are, on the other hand, many farm'?rs and dairymen who are unable or unwilling to understand or accept the teaching of those who have demonstrated bej'ond the possibility of doubt the dangers which may arise from a contaminated source of milk supply. The best method, however, is to make the precipitate in a tall jar or crock, filled with water; then having fastened a piece of rubber tubing to each end of a stick, insert it in the jar in such a manner that a stream of water passing through one rubber tube will reach to the bottom of the vessel, while the water at the top of the jar will be carried off by means of the other tube which acts as a siphon.


Wounds of the small intestines are more frequent than those of other portions of the alimentary canal, and are attended with higher mortality. He moved:" That, having considered the communication from certain members of the South Australian Branch of the British Medical Association with regard to the case of Mr. The manus is stout and broad, with I'l'al ailiculatcs with the cuneiform as well as the.

"The work done by the medical officers in Afghanistan and South r-in the last two years, under the directions of of the, and the manner in which the medical and surgical have been discharged by the army surgeons affords good c of the value of the instiuction which has been given to them at this school. He had over, tendency to chills, headache, etc. Tin any amount in ll.c uti rus, if there were any exit whatever through the punctured, and ihc uvual treacly flui I, but it then alrnosts topped, and what there was became offensive. Of Council of the Association, with a request that they would take into consideration the expediency of forming a central committee of investigation, with power to appoint local committees in such places as they may think desirable' such subcommittees to consist not only of members of the Association, but of all medical men living in the place or neighbourhood, who are willing to assist in the work; to lay down the lines upon which these subcommittees are to work, and to receive and digest their reports. This post he held for seventeen years. Although the College of Physicians protested against this, they took no further steps, the College of Surgeons protesting that they would insist on a standard of education as high and an examination as efiieient as that liowever, was not carried out, and the scheme now before the Council made no provision for instruction in biology, in mental diseases, or in vaccination, all of which were required by the Council.

In other columns we give an account of the proceedings, as far as it has been possible to prepare it for this week. STANHOPE AND THE "plus" ARMY MEDICAL STAFF. The ulceration was almost as extensive as on the former examination. In London tlie measles death-rate was a decline from the exceptionally high rate in the preceding among which this disease showed the highest proportional fatality Public Health Statixtiat relating to Twenty-eight Large Englmh Town quarter of the eight preceding years. A child ought not to be weaned until it has cut its first twelve or thirteen teeth, and morning, before being nursed or fed.

The very title of the tab article is misleading and calculated to prejudice. Beyond which no rwluctloa Postal BvKulatiout to liquid receive at Putt-Offlces letters ulilrcMed to initials only. Bronko - dressings having been applied, he was removed to a ward, but died in the evening at head only lieing examini'd. It might be a very desirable thing; but the Council should not be in too great haste to act, until the subject had been discussed in the press and by the medical profession. The wound was treated antiseptically, as far as possible. On arrival home lie noticed numbness of his fingers and feet. This department will be found of much value to manufacturers of proprietary medicines or to others who wish to prepare remedies of this nature. It would seem that a very large portion of the Gulf Stream current passes along the north coast of Cornwall and Tevon, and that well-sheltered spots ike Ilfracombe reap the full benefit of its warmtli in winter and coolness in summer, whereas in less protected places such as Budc and is not well known, though it is probable that Mr.