However, this strain is identical in its action on lactose as in a European strain of B (eye). Hitherto attention has mostly been" directed to the study of its morphological changes, but its chemistry must sooner or later engage attention, when its mystery will be cleared up.

This illustrates the variability of the temperature in this condition; any exertion, whether mental or muscular, may cause a most marked change in With this elevated temperature, one thing was very noticeable, namely, that little wasting of the body took place as compared with that which occurs in other diseases of a like duration and temperature, with this one more point, that the patients regain flesh rapidly after the disease has Menstruation may be interfered with, and in one case suppression existed for two periods: composition. The constant current was employed, with a Btrength of ten cells, afterwards increased to fifteen; the positive pole in the first case being applied alternately on the various foci of pain, the negative pole being applied by the right side of the three lower cervical vertebrae.


The Mesenteric Glands of scrofulous children, are frequently affected with an enlargement, and accompanied with symptoms to which the name Tabes Mesenterica has been given. By" well authenticated" we mean cases in which a careful clinical and microscopical history is available. The speaker failed to see how uses any importance could be attached to the test as a symptom. Occasionally these premonitory symptoms are very slight, or they may be entirely absent. Cotton garments preserve an equal temperature of the surface of the body, and protect it from sudden changes in the weather, though in cold weather it is not equal to flannel for these purposes.

Eighteenth and Arnold Streets, in which to hold the usual spring course. Furthermore, if anyone will e.xamine the interior of the anal canal soon after forcible dilatation of the anal sphincters, he will find the mucous membrane studded with numerous small, round ecchymoses or haematomata, Hke good-sized bird-shot.

Where the heart is but slightly affected there will be reason to believe tliai the case will continue for some time, provided we do not observe signs of drops urremic poisoning.

When the cows are expected to be milked, the calves should be taken from them when three days old, or even and then the cows do not fret after them so much (nz). The dose is a teaspoonful, repeated three times a day, for children one or two years of age; a table-spoonful, three times a day, for adults. Generous ablutions of warm borax water may be made to encourage the How of blood, as well as to assist in the process of cleansing: briteside. A solution of the Bicarbonate of Soda may be given in table-spoonful doses every hour, when there is a deposit of uric acid in the urine.

No good can come of this, but much harm may. Currently, primary care physicians in Wisconsin pay more for liability does not include paying off the deficit.) We are paying more than twice as much as Class I physicians in Iowa.

David Prince also exhibited several similar instruments, with explanations. The bladder was distended, so that it reached to one inch and a half below the umbilicus. The non-observance of such a rule may possibly explain some of the contradictor)' statements which have been made in regard to the absence of hydrochloric acid in apparently similar gastric derangements. The old lid retractor of Demarres is a most useful instrument for the weed purpose.

The solution lie uses contains, in about half a drachm, five grains of sulphate of quinia. The urine "britesite" was examined in the usual way for volume, specific gravity and chlorids, and the total nitrogen was determined on the composite twenty-four-hour amount.