For crabs, use Blue Ointment, or a ten per cent Oleate of Mercury Ointment; after flow several applications take a bath. E,, nothing could be made out by the palpating finger. Where there is too much blood in the system, the Headache will be more or less continuous, and there will be a feeling of dpbestflow fullness in the head, the pain mostly dull and heavy; the head will also be preternaturally hot. The berry, which is the part used, has an intensely hot and pungent taste. A cure-all; a universal medicine. The fact cannot be too often repeated, nor too seriously urged upon parents, that while the foundation of all graceful and just proportion of the different parts of the body must be laid in infancy, it cannot be done by tight bands, and ligatures upon the chest, and loins, and legs, and arms. Ihis method seems to have become very popu- of muscles, lar with many military surgeons, especially with those who were compelled to transport their patients long distances. Repeat this process till the ice disappears. Drops - trie progress and result of infantile diseases are, therefore, in a great control be guided by wisdom and knowledge! Considering the defective food and clothing of the children of the poor, and the condition of their dwellings, it is evident that much of the health which they possess is owing to their spending tire greater part of their time, during the day, in the open air. This, when examined under the microscope, proves to be minute oval bodies. It will be seen by the figure that the leg behind is kept entirely straight and rests on the toe.


We have absolutely no ground at present for the assumption that when no mitoses are found the increase of cells has occurred in an amitotic way. As a matter of fact this product is sufficiently sterilized in the cans to keep for a long"For unsweetened evaporated, the milk is heated held there five minutes, then drawn into the vacuum for one hour or one hour and twenty minutes. When dried, it is tonic, cholagoguo, and laxative, and is a very valuable remcxly in affections of the liver, as it acts upon this organ with energy, vvifliout purgation. One cause of this fretfulness is the opinion that the nurse knows when drug the child should sleep, or eat, better than itself. Dose: of the Oil, from two to ten drops; Essence, one to two teaspoonfuls. The cellular infiltrate was composed chiefly of lymphocytes with well stained round and oval nuclei and little proto selves, but also in the different efTlorescences. Experimental polyuria test was made. The bulletin board maintained at the academy also contains the daily clinics as well as tliose held at slated hours in various hospitals. They are said to occur in a number of other growths. Variety of form, and brilliancy of color, in the objects presented to patients, are actual means of recovery." Of course, the mind and the eyes should not be overtasked. JSloreover, a knowledge of this and similarly complicated questions can only be obtained by a careful combination of animal experiments, anatomic investigations and clinical observations based on considerable material. Dose of the solid extract, from three to five grains, three or four times a day; of the cold infusion, a tablespoonful, every two or three hours. The experience usually is that in conditions of malignancy the pleural fluid at first may be serous, but later becomes strongly haemorrhagic.

That lead does often become oxidized and impart its poisonous properties to water when long in contact with it, is a well-known fact. Passionate, weak, and slender people, with long necks and flat breasts, or a sharp carinated sternum, gibbous or otherwise distorted, and those who while young were subject to bleed at the nose, are most subject to an haemoptysis: flu. A composition of quinces, medlars, and services: best.