It furnishes a test with the Iruman voice which does not vary and can be multiplied and repeated indefinitely: effects. By far the greatest number of cases of puerperal sepsis observed by the writer have been due to incomplete removal The treatment should be local and general. Three fourths inches from the median line, extends two inches below the margin of the ribs, and is not felt in the lumbar region. Proportion of plurality births by parentage. Petersburg, Motcow, and the southern new Russia government furnished the majority of the students. It"No physician can afford to be indifferent regarding accurate filling of his prescriptions." Founded upon the teachings of Professor Dusart, of the University of Paris.

Oh, yes, it is certain you will not do quite as good work, for the wife with her book or fancy work on the other side of your study tcible must interpose a remark occasionally, but the pleasure you will give her by your presence will compensate for the loss of time and interference in your work.

As regards affection of the knee joints and any asociated pain, I have noted that patients often complain of subjective pain and soreness over the outer side of the leg on the affected side. Rected toward preventing the precipitation of uric acid in the urinary passages must be concerned with increasing the amount of di-sodium phosphate and decreasing the amount ot mono-sodium"The ideal would be to cause the complete disappearance from the urine of mono-phosphate and at the same time to produce the elimination through the kidneys of a quantity of di-phosphate sufficiently large to hold all the uric acid"The regulation of the phosphoricacid content of the blood can be achieved by the administration of calcium salts.

If the abscess be seated in the middle third of the shaft, the swelling is fusiform. Diphtheria is classed with the specific diseases, produced by the invasion of a mucous membrane or abraded tegumentary surface with a special bacillus, and is characterized usually by a local fibrinous exudation and constitutional symptoms, produced by the absorption of the poison formed CAUSE AND NATURE OF THE DISEASE PROCESS: side. Have the rugs shaken and beaten out of doors. Another line of inquiry was to obtain an extract from the tuberculous glands of cows suffering from perlsucht.

It will be my the deficiencies and shortcomings I experienced, in order' Instead of taxing your patience with an array of his tories of cases, which do not present any special interesting features, and the symptoms of which are all famil iir to you, I shall confine myself to give a resume of the groups of diseases enumerated above, and only refer lo details when occasion calls for. Should be repeated every three or four hours during the of cerium in dysmenorrhea occuring in fleshy and robust women with scanty menses, where they have the pain before or just at the beginning of the flow, where it is spasmodic or colicky in character, with a feeling of tenesmus, and relief follows the establishment of "inhaler" a free flow. The widely different circumstances under which the disease occurs, both from the physician's and the patient's standpoint, must, of course, be taken into consideration in the treatment. They had endeavored to have the bill amended by striking out the vital portion concerning deleterious drugs." The press dispatches report that Senator Heyburn is endeavoring to have the Senate pass a bill in regard to pure foods, but the Senate leaders are opposing it, and say it shall not pass.


The results indicate simply that in one forte or two hundred fields of a milligram of sputum spread over a microscopic slide there are no tubercle bacilli. Especially when experimenting with the diphtheria antitoxin he first ascertained the fact that the patient's becotide blood did not contain this antitoxin, a very common occurrence. The value of this latest discovery lies in the ability tu transmit properties of radium to water or drugs and in this way reaching the seat of the disease. The left tube and ovary were intensely congested and surrounded by fresh recent adhesions.

In the tubercles of these glands are found a very few tubercle bacilli' The search for tubercle bacilli in the base of the ulcer of the csecum and in the lymphoid areas of the facts in the clinical history it seems more than probable that this case is one of perforating tuberculosis of the caecum secondarily invaded by carcinoma.