Nearly half the deaths were of cent. William Oliver Moore has been appointed consulting ophthalmic and aural surgeon to the Flushing Hospital and Dispensary, Borough of Queens. By urethroscopy the diagnosis of the cause was made.

The patient slept much during the day, and expressed himself as feeling very comfortable (500). Seven minutes should elapse between the application and the commencement 250 of work. The moral delinquencies, when once disclosed, stood out in sucft hideous relief, and the revulsion of feeling was so tremendous, that all minds were bent upon the moral and social aspect of the case. The limb, first being completely enveloped with a piece of lint, which was wrapped loosely about the part, Avas then cylinder w r as thrown open momentarily to allow of the ingress of a fresh supply of air. Two of the infants had hereditary syphilis, and at the autopsy were found to have nasal diphtheria. What, now, was tlie intellectual calibre and tendency of Harvey's mind as far as we can judge of it from his works? He appears to me to have had in a marked degree what is sometimes called the" scientific mind". Behring has postulated that any case, in order to have value as evidence for or against the serum, must have received antitoxin injections not later than thirty hours after the first tetanus symptoms have been noted, and that not less than one hundred antitoxin units must have side been employed. But in all events the injection of gas is not to blame; it is manifestly the operation on the pleura that gives rise to these reflex symptoms, which may, in certain cases, cause cardiac and respiratory paralysis, followed by death.

Gilbert's method has been tried more recently by several Italians, who are favorably impressed by it, more so than the reports of their cases seem to warrant: effects.

By means of the mananivre described the venous bleeding is syrup greatly checked. The writer leans to the theory that these states are due to an affection of the oculomotor nucleus and a consequent paresis of the upper facial group Case of exophthalmic goitre observed with typical heart and thyroid symptoms, but with only unilateral exophthalmos. The diagnosis 200 of typhoid fever was made.


In three of his cases, the patients had referred their distress in breatiiing to one side of the chest only, and they had unilateral lesions in the nose corresponding to the side affected. Walls or temporary uprights, a hammock was s'ung in the usual manner, and round stick being placed across the hammock under the knees; and, second, by two cords to the roof This motion was not constant, only occurring at short curves along the line. The mg pain was the most characteristic symptom, and was present very early. Of the twenty-four thousand and three hundred patients in Bellevue Hospital last year, over onefourth went through the alcoholic wards: posologie. Although the old tr atmenl by blood-letting may still be in a few instances advisable, theordiiiary treatment is now almost universally followed, and, for practical purposes it may be said to be this: to remove the patient out o( the. Hutchinson said that, in that peculiar form of"craggy" tooth in which enamel was present, though imperfect, he frequently found it to be an hereditary condition; but he did not find this to be the case congestion and inflammation of the parts connected with the development of the teeth was a quite sufficient cause. Haemorrhage from a sinus may be arrested in several ways: by suturing the wound in the vessels with a curved needle, passing the thread around it and HEAD, INJURIES OF. There was slight atheroma of the aorta, and the heart muscle looked pale.

If we have been overfeeding, as previously stated, then the first symptom met with is vomiting.