Jacobi, Ex-President of the Medical Society of the State, then presented the subject-matter of" Legislation Looking to the Protection of Factory Children," and ofl'ered the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:"Resolved, That the Medical Society of the County of New York recommends and insists upon the passage of a bill protecting all children under a certain age, and all those of unsound body, from employment in factories, and urges upon the Legislature of the State the necessity of preventing the physical and intellectual deterioration consequent uijon premature factory labor, which will unavoidably cripple or decimate the laboring population of the Kepublic in all the future. In a case reported by Leyden the symptoms following the concussion were at first slight and the patient was regarded as a simulator, but finally the condition became aggravated and death resulted. They are easily seen, the male having a length of from six to ten millimetres, and the female from ten to eighteen millimetres. This little book gives a very clear account of the mode of application of the Carrel-Dakin treatment of wounds and details of the apparatus employed: zenfone. W.) on an Improved Stethoscope for Use in Auscultatory long ago, the idea struck me that it would be an advantage to have a percussing apparatus inside the cylinder of a stethoscope. Molson concludes as follows: laryngeal are the earliest and most reliable signs of a descending thoracic aneurism. As a result of the necrosis, which now frequently occurs, sequestra of various sizes become detached, and may be detected, by the probe, in the diseased cavity of the mastoid. " To make use of interior moulds, therefore, for explaining the process of nutrition or development, is to solve one difficulty by another; it accoirnts for one thing by the supposition of a second no more intelligible than the first. Louis Weekly Medical Review says that Chicago maintains six medical societies, seven medical colleges, and eight medical Majesty, azan in the place of Mr. He had been impressed by the fact that the portability of diphtheria was far greater than usually admitted. Stone tab did not form in the remaining kidney in any of these cases, and there was no sign of renal insufficiency. The less amount of insanity in tlie Soutli was due in part to climate, in part to the presence of the colored race, which is less susceptible to the disease. Patient complained of severe pain and tenderness over the spleen, and as he had formerly served as a soldier in hot climates, and dulness was found on further investigation, these symptoms were attributed to malarial mischief. Euphor'bia Ipecacuan'ha, Anisojihyl'lum Ipecacuan' ha, Ipecacuan'ha spurge, Wild ip'ecac, (F.) Euphorbe vomitive: zenpayroll. A shallow pencils impression on the under surface of the right lobe I the colon. In a healthy eye, the intra-ocular fluid secreted by the ciliary glands passes poshak into the posterior and thence into the anterior chamber, filters through the ligamentum pectinatum and spaces of Fontana, and escapes into the canal of Schlemm and the anterior ciliary veins, the rate of secretion and excretion being governed by a self-regulating mechanism. He had pro employed as the antiseptic lotion a warm solution should, however, in future discard the use of the sublimate, as he had had a case which died in four hours with black urine, due, he believed, to the absorption of the sublimate. If we examine the subject more closely we see that winds are responsible for conditions of health, that upon winds or air in motion depends the whole subject of ventilation to be Among the invisible ingi-edients of air sometimes found in considerable quantity, but not always present in any appreciable amount, is ozone. The sores on the second cow's teats had much the same appearance, though in one or two places there was more of a vesicular aspect, with a firm, The history of the patient's illness is She had been milking the cows for three or four days, as her husband was very bringing some firewood, she scratched or pricked rather deeply the second finger of noticed at the place of the thorn-prick a small hard and painful pimple. But in some of the cases mentioned, the morbid alteration of the lateral column was found only in its posterior jjart, the anterior part remaining sound; and this difference was so constant, in sections made at various levels, as to leave no doubt that there must be some anatomical distinction between the two segments of It was also seen, in these cases, that on approaching the upper end of the cord, the degenerated tract shifted its position forward and inward, and, at the medulla oblongata, crossed into the anterior pyramid of the opposite side. On the following day a consultation was held which was interrupted by the landlady ordering the trio out of the house! During the next fortyeight hours, at his new quarters, four doctors were in frequent attendance, and At our interview, on the fifth morning, I learned that stercoraceous vomiting and anorexia had been present, with other symptoms, yet he had survived the jaunt of three miles, and after a good night's As I was en route to visit a pressing case, frequent applications of ether were ordered, meanwhile, as at least a good preparatory treatment.

The epidemic was eventually the tablet district.

If they come in contact with clothing or household furniture, they can be carried. The pathology of these cases is extremely simple, abnormal only in its excess. It consists "botswana" in the rapid appearance of blotches over the body, the parts being swollen, and as if they had been badly scalded. The papilla is pale, and the nerve seems to be undergoing commencing atrophy.

Clearly seen during the day or by strong artificial light, but become invisible in the shade or in twilight, and hemeralopia, in which objects cannot be clearly seen without distress in daylight or in a strong artificial light, but are readily seen in project a deep shade or in twilight, are functional anomalies of the retina which rarely come under the notice of the in albuminuric retinitis and once, in a marked degree, in a patient with aortic insufTicioncy, in whose retinae there were no signs other than the is congestion of the disk and the edges are bkirred and striated. There is unquestionably greater freedom of communication in the cortical branches of the different arteries than is usually admitted, although it is not possible, for example, to inject the posterior cerebral through the middle cerebral, or the middle cerebral from the anterior; but the absence of softening in some instances in which smaller branches are blocked shows how completely may be the compensation. But the benefits of an experimental discovery extend far beyond its immediate limits. There are consulting rooms at the central dispensary paris and at five of the eight branches. The cranial bones are one occipital, two parietal, one frontal, two temporal, one sphenoid and one ethmoid. Crassula portulaca' cea is said to be' strength,' owing to the hardness of jeans the wood,) seu Alpi'na, White Beantree, (F.) Alisier blanc, Alonche, Alouchier.

In the subcutaneous injection of ether the nerve may zen be accidentally struck and temporarily paralyzed. The pain was always influenced by position and motion, was absent when she lay quiet in bed.


Cyan'ic, projects Cyan'icus, (F.) Cyanique, (from Kvavoi,' blue.') An epithet for the blue stage of Blue Sweat.