The United States raises practically all its beans, and most of its jabbage, the best being grown on Long Island, while the cheaper trade is supplied from abroad, or from sections of this country where the seed can be grown cheaply.

If the coloring matters are in very minute quantity, the liquid acquires, after a very short time, a pale green tint, equally persistent, and easily observed on placing the tube between the eye and the sunlight, or on looking down the tube as it stands on a white ground. Calomel in threegrain doses assertive until six doses are taken, giving it three times daily, is particularly valuable as a diuretic. The small size of one of the fragments and the fact that the fracture is apt to be impacted add to the difficulty.

Joy, grief, anger, fear, jealousy, are all conditions which may engagi every cell in the body at times.


The" mixed chancre" is no more what it would imply than a beaten egg is a glass of egg-nog. C, read a paper entitled The ShurleyGibbes Treatment of Tuberculosis. Giacich for cholera in the algid stage. The reason for this is that the walls are less elastic. It inj is possible that dislocation and fracture may occur simultaneously. The jury then retired, and after a short absence returned into court The West-End Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous ciclo System has just lost the services of Dr. Although it lessens primary shock, it does not cristianos remove the secondary shock which follows an operation, and if long continued it adds to this. An enlargement in the region of the gall-bladder about the size of a fist, define and thought the trouble was in the gall bladder. We have received the first four volumes of Wood's Library on the part of the publishers in their"endeavor to supply standard professional literature at a price lower than ever hefore attempted in any country." ON THE DIAGNOSIS OF OVARIAN TUMOR.i A LECTURE DELIVERED AT RUSH MEDICAL COLLEGE, of the diagnosis of ovarian tumors. Perhaps it was an oversight not to require the metric system to be applied to in the opinion expressed by us some time ago, that the hasty endeavor to push this system into medicine and science will give rise to much error and confusion. She assisted in the work of the ward (audit). He could not see how the expense of treatment was going to be met out of the money available.

The patient has lost flesh greatly; his pulse beats too quickly; his appetite is lessened, have we here r Is the patient tubercular, or can we explain his symptoms in some other way r The bulging of the chest, the obtuse costal angle, the horizontal po.'sition of the ribs, with widening of the intercostal spaces, with increase of the antero-posterior diameter of the chest, prove that the capacity of this cavity is much increased (pdf).

Nevertheless these islets of cartilage, which simply remain lying unchanged in the cancellous tissue at the extremity of a bone, and even in the medullary cavities, are not congenital formations; on the contrary, they do not appear until from the first to the third year of life, and sometimes even later, and they must therefore be Professor Cohnheim has applied this and libros analogous discoveries as the basis of a theory of the development of tumours, which differs from my own teaching in its exclusive character. It might, therefore, be possible that such an operation moniciones was only dangerous in young individuals, and that its danger diminished with the advance of years. Professor Michael Foster and Professor Burdon-Sanderson were present. The old claim is then enforced at the expense of the later one. He was not allowed to plead at the trial, and the wife was objected to as a witness, on the ground of insanity. As a case in point, I will mention a girl whose history I knew very well, knew also that she had not led a virtuous life. AVe made a post-mortem examination, and found acute inflammation of the peritoneal covering of the bowels, and the appendix verniiformis in a state of suppuration and almost detached from the caecum, being held by but a small filamentous tissue. This en we may call the butterfly pessary, inasmuch as it consists of two wings, joined by a hinge in the middle, the two -wings being capable of being compressed together for introduction, and then of expanding laterally receptacle, modified by Dr. Comunicacion - on attempting to remove the stone with forceps, after lateral lithotomy, it broke into pieces, and the fragments were removed piecemeal.