Tubercle bacilli were present in the sputum in large numbers. I feel that the Pennsylvania Medical Society through "price" its guidance and knowledge, should recommend that county societies establish a committee of physicians to be avail able for consultation in the construction of public buildings in a given county. Indeed the removal convexity being directed downward and forward, (Figure i.) The antero-infcrior boundary of the fissure is a sharp edged ridge which, from its of the ethmoid bone.


Six days the drainage wound and evacuated a considerable collection of pus, after which everything went on smoothly.

The fourth operation was undertaken under an error of diagnosis. It is very liable to gelatinize on standing, and lose its astringency, especially if exposed to the action of the atmosphere; hence, it should be made frequently, in smull quantities at a time, and be kept in well stopped Tliis Tincture may also be prepared by moistening the Rhatany thoroughly with Diluted Alcohol, allowing it to stand for forty-eight hours, then transferring it to a percolator, and gradually pouring upon it cases where an astringent is required.

Congratulated upon the presentation of so much valuable pathological material at this particular meeting.

Dr Alexander Wood presented the report of the committee appointed to consider the requirement on the part of the Poor-law Commissioners of Ireland of a license in midwifery from candidates for employment under them. A careful examination of the patient with the history will show that there is syphilis in the system, and the treatment must be with the iodia and in good size doses, for if allowed to run on without proper remedies we eventually, after several weeks, have an ulceration in the pharynx which takes the course of the lesion seen in the secondary stage. The use of penicillin may be associated with the overgrowth of penicillin-insensitive organisms. But the Great War brought so many innovations in medicine and surgery, and established views and methods have been so upset, that most of the wonders of yesterday have become the commonplaces of today. Uric ac accumulates in it, the blood becomes too acid and the undefinable lithaemic symptoms show themselves. In variola, Chauveau the lymph contains numerous micrococci. If it is done properly he will go to sleep with hands tightly locked and he will not move a foot, no not Eureka! here we have no excitable stage, ro fear, no fright; not even a single acceleration of a heart-beat and having accomplished this elimination of fright and imagination you have eliminated two-thirds of deaths formally caused by chloroform.

Their published Transactions which lie before us, flu evince a commendable spirit of harmony among the medical men of that vicinity, and a sincere desire on their part to advance the cause of medical science.

Strontium, barium, and calcium, the only three alkaline earthy metals which give spectra (magnesium not being volatile in this flame), are and at some distance from these a blue liuc, iu the situation of the blue rays. Hence the former breaks down under an"insult" which the can be subjected to the influence of an irritant of just sufficient strength to cause a reactive inflammation intense enough to destroy the vitality of the new cells, the older normal cells will survive. It is a courtesy to the man you want at the other end of the line to be on the phone yourself when you call him and, if he has a switchboard, there is no propriety in putting your call beyond his switchboard and then waiting for that board to make connections with his Some of us are going to fix a limit pretty soon on the time we will hold the line for Mr. Many of the worst cases come from among the Germans, Poles, Italians, and other foreigners. The oozing will cease much sooner than if it were left in a horizontal posture. Six hundred and fifty-one pages, and may be regarded as an excellent book, of its kind, syrup full and complete in its matter, and careful in its arrangement; and yet its kind, is to us, its objectionable feature.

In cases of advanced cancer of the cervix, however, the Porro operation should receive the preference over total extirpation or the modified Caesarean section. He had certainly never met with sj-mptoms which would lead him to believe that the disease was central. We saw her recently, and she informed us that the medicine had" cured" her, having brought away immense quantities of sabulous and gravelly deposit: uses. At the time of our entry into the struggle it amounted to plants were erected so that, at the end, we had pounds were obtained directly from coal-tar distillates by extraction with caustic soda. Are allowed to cut boughs freely.

White and myself are in accord in regard to the neurosis element of hay fever. As long as any of these cided anaemic cachexia. DiuJng this day the Indians succeeded in killing a troop horse on an exposed hillside within three or four hundred yards of their position.