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There are several different types of natural stone used in residential and commercial applications. Their uses vary widely and include flooring, countertops, wall covering, fireplaces and exterior facades. It is common for people to refer to any polished stone finish as “marble.” However, there is a strong possibility that they are looking at a different type of stone since marble is not suitable for certain applications.

Almost all of the most famous buildings throughout the world are constructed and or decorated with natural stones of some sort. It has long been a tradition to use rock in its many forms to build structures for a variety of uses.

For example, since marble is not the hardest natural stone, it would not do well as a floor covering in extremely high traffic areas. Though under typical residential and light commercial applications, it would hold up fine. The one application that marble is not well suited for is kitchen countertops. This is because marble's composition deteriorates when exposed to acidic foods.

Natural stone like marble has long been used as a decorative element in fancy bathrooms. Today other natural stones like granite, travertine, Jerusalem stone and so many more are used as well.

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