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Granitic magma is a general term used to describe magma that is similar in composition to granite; that is, containing greater than 10% of quartz. Outcrop of plutonic granite on the earth's surface requires some kind of erosion to expose the buried granite. Granites may take the form of batholiths; sills and sheets. They form the major part of surface exposure of continental crust. Plutonic rocks also exist in the oceanic crust; however, by geophysical methods and drilling, these have been determined to predominantly be of basic or ultrabasic composition. Granites are associated with volcanic areas, continental shields and orogenic belts. To explain their emplacement, it is first necessary to obtain an understanding of their origin. The study of outcrops, geophysical surveys and of its extrusive equivalent, rhyolite, are some of the original methods used. In general, two feasible theories resulted. One, known as the magmatic theory, states that granite is derived by the crystal fractionation of magma. The second, known as the granitization theory states that granite is formed "in situ" by ultrametamorphism. There is evidence to support both theories and current thinking is that magma forms from both processes; in many instances, from a combination of the two.

Its sparkling beauty lies in the crystals of quartz, mica, and feldspar trapped within. Multicolored granite has veins that vary from piece to piece, which add character to the stone. It is porous and treated with a penetrating sealer to prevent stains.

Granite is the attractive and beautiful material that appears to the user, when it is used by them for countertop or any other application.

  • Natural Beauty is the granite speciality. It is purchased Due to its non-changeability of bright and lively coloration.
  • It is competitively priced and its needed estimation considered its standard.
  • The slabs, pieces and tiles of granite differ in its color, texture and design.
  • Granite is the scratch, stain, heat and moisture resistant.

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