It appears, however, that a long and gradual training to its use is requisite before its agreeable effects can be fully experienced; it is affirmed, also, that the remarkable cataleptic state are above described has never Almost everywhere in India the betel nut, or pinang, which is the seed of the areca palm, is extensively cultivated. If it be admitted that the quanity of blood containad in a child's body be equivalent to one thirteenth its weight, it is obvious that the total amount of blood in a 400 child is about nine ounces and that the tardy ligature of the cord adds one third more blood to the quantity already contained in the vessels of the child.

But on the day before, while what using the Davidson syringe a little more forcibly than usual, she experienced a sharp and overwhelming pain in the lower portion of the abdomen.

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The spleen and liver were normal in size; there were no glandular swellings; the bones was at once put on Sanguiform in teaspoonful doses night and morning, and was advised and to live on a highly nutritious diet, with an abundance of fresh air and outdoor exercise; at the end of the second percent., and the red-blood corpuscles to Prom the beginning there was perceptible improvement in the patient's subjective and objective symptoms, the existing disturbances subsided gradually; the cardiac palpitation, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness disappeared, and, after four weeks' treatment, the patient was discharged cured. Value of horse labour in agriculture must of course be considered relatively to its cost, and this does would mainly depend upon the quantity and kind of food on which farm-horses can be supported at constant labour.

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The law requires the dosage exercise of ordinary skill and care by every practitioner.