Not unfrequently the affection arises during convalescence from typhus and other forms of fever.

Believing that, unless the uterus was relieved of its contents, she would soon succumb to inanition, I advised the induction of abortion, which I induced by partial separation of membranes, and the introduction of Three days later the fetus was expelled. The surface throws out granulations, and cicatrization soon takes place. This cannot be true however, in all cases, for there is good evidence to show that there are cases of primary hyperthyroidism which are not explained by the above stated ideas as to causation.

Much as we deprecate trade unionism, we join our contemporary in the hope mps that that one imported surgeon" will, on further deliberation, join the rest of his professional brethren in attempting to THE QUESTION OF OUR DANGER FROM THE Appletons' Popular Science Monthly, in its September number, has done what we look upon as a distinct service to the public by publishing an article by Professor Victor C. McCombs, of Lebanon, being present, was invited to take part in the proceedings. With this instrument one exerts uniform pressure and can obtain considerable traction, thus enabling one to sever dosage the optic nerve well back and not close up to the sclera, as is usual with the old enucleation forceps.

Benjamin Lee, of Philadelphia; On the Period during which Each Contagious Disease is Transmissible and the Length of Time for which of Albany; Dr. Following up this idea, about one year ago Dr. ) Deutal bibliography; a standard reference list of books on dentistry Cunningham (G.) Dentistry and its relation to the state; and compulsory attention to the teeth of school children (the army and navy), by W.

The patient at once inquired if she had been taking quinine, and explained that on severa previous occasions she had taken the drug with identically the same effect. His efforts in this direction soon ceased on account of stimulating and nutritious diet, administered every two hours, and choral was used in twenty-grain doses to overcome restlessness and insomnia. The only embryonal structures found are syncytial buds, which are either attached superficially to the tubal decidua or imbedded in the latter.

All through the spinal cord, but especially in the cervical and dorsal portions, there were grayish translucent patches, scattered irregularly, and involving white and gray matter alike. These doses were all given within the syrup space of half an hour, the patient in the mean time drinking copiously of a warm decoction, called by the prisoner his coffee. I have had patients so exhausted at the end of twenty-five minutes that they were obliged to rest several minutes before being able to step into a carriage at my office door. Dental Rev., See, in thlf list, Birmingham. After fat passing for eight days, a large amount of pus was suddenly discharged, when the fat suddenly and entirely disappeared. I do not question a sufficient supply of clinical material in a properly conducted hospital conveniently located in North Carolina. The Journal of the Association grew rapidly as evidenced by increase in its size and in its development from a monthly into a weekly issue.

These bills, although an earnest of the wish of the surgeon-general to do justice to the men who so patriotically answered their country's call during the Spanish war, and so far as they go quite satisfactory, yet are, in the opinion of the men themselves, too limited in scope. The patient from that time had no physician for puerperal fever set in, from which she died in alcid-mps about two days.

If you can do the same thing with an enema, why not spare the kidneys and spare the patient? There are just about two classes of drugs that we give anyway, purgatives and sedatives, causing constipation and causing drug habits. The horse is especially delicate about drinking water, and when sick, neither hard nor dirty nor tepid water should be offered him; and if the nitre, etc., often added to the water appears distasteful, it should be omitted. Post-mortem showed that the ball had passed through one wall of the heart, and Dr.


Address, LEA BROTHERS A CO., A WEEKLY JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. AiiRAMS (A.) Ki'port of conitnitfcee on patbological anatomy.

Simon's method of finding the quantity of the blood-corpuscles directly, is also altogether wanting in accuracy.