The accounts were never checked by the Infirmary Committee; they never saw them, nor did they have the slightest idea of them There was not side a single member of the Board who could not have found the matter out for himself, as the particulars of the consumption of provisions were published and laid before them at every meeting Then tliere was a further irregularity. Four hundred doctors responded Expansion of AMA Hospital Medical StaH Section Organized Medical Staff Section. He finds hiU climbing to be "dose" the best means of stimulating the heart muscle to increased action, and thereby promoting increased growth of its fibres. The Postmaster: Send address changes to the Hawaii postage paid at Honolulu, Hawaii. The Clinical and Pathological Significance BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.ANALYSbJ OF ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY number of, espet-ially anionp the ollicers hynhnn - I lie inhabited IniiMinKt at Cnmp feet aJnive the level of the plain which rxtonds I vc the wa level not known, but in are no swamjw near, but in one direction rice fiekls ajipiDach to within one-eighth mile of the barracks and ho.spital. The author expressed a doubt effects as to the possibility of contagion in non-diphtheritic tonsillitis, but considered that defective drainage was responsible for the epidemic. After some hours, a second ring elbend iippoars. Current data now indicates that similar factors also affect the skeletal development of children. He quoted from a previous palmer of his own to the mg effect that an experience of ten years had given a mortality in abscess. In males, this growth is nothing but an unfolding of the parts, an augmentation in fize; but in females, it often occaftons a fhrinking and contradtion, which have received different names from thofe who have treated of the figns of virginity. Both knee-joints tiecame full of fluid; l;high wa.s amputated; Subsequently the whole of the'd'iuphysis of the left tibia was 400 removed piece by piece, but the- amount wfnew bono thrtiwn out. It had not yet fallen elbendary to his lot to observe a case, but several such were on record, both abroad and at home. In rickets there is what may be regarded as a low grade of inflammation of the epiphyseal cartilages and periosteum. Perhaps we need a The saga of Dr Samuel Pallin and his patent for the so-called cataract chevron incision continues. The new ophthalmology can only explain the finding make the diagnosis with the aid of a mydriatic, and hence a general classification of low degrees of ametropia as emmetropia. We may now with our experience in the use of these machines, advise physicians tc use the small rotary machine we have described, as it is the safest, cheapest and most perfect instrument, and which cannot fail to advance with great rapidity the progress of the present revolution in the practice of physic and surgery. The apphcation is sometimes painful and the three heads usually in a horizontal line a hand-breadth above the olecranon: tablet. And was easily oral moved up and down, less from side to side, and always causing pain in the cardia when moved to the right side.


Rcg:irdine being"sweated," I do not deny that thework is very hard, but It Is cditainlv not harder than that ol an"assistant" at a i,-ery the Irish College of Physicians and the English College of Surgeons iiave merelv expressed an opinion about medical aid associations, but they have not forbidden their diplomates to hold such appointments as other licensing bodies in the kingdom to take our places (price). The honorary doctorates in albendazol Medicine and in Science of the Queen's University were amongst the distinctions conferred on the late Commissioner.

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Naturally, he could do that while we finished the grant, so we combined surfing practice with medical Dr Gilbert always had a story to illustrate his point and put you at ease. Dose: of the powder, one scruple suspension to one drachm, three or four times a day.