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Advertise with us
Market your products and services to a highly targeted audience of consumers and businesses interested in natural stones.
Stone Matrix offers two kinds of banner ad programs
for stone businesses:

Why Advertise with Stone Matrix
1. Non-Keyword Based
2. Keyword Based
Non- Keyword Based
Salient Features:

Banner ads displayed on certain fixed spots on our most-visited pages.
Each spot shared by banners from upto 5 companies that are displayed in rotation (Therefore 20% view rate per banner).
Fixed costs chargeable only on monthly basis (independent of number of hits and views).
FREE Banner design service (for all spots)!
Descriptions of spots offered under Non-Keyword based program:

Main Home Page
Most visited page of the site.
Target audience: Both consumers and businesses
Size: 760px x 150px
Cost: $1,100 per month
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Main Section Pages
Main pages of the 4 sections: Products, Companies, Product Bids and Hot Deals
Target audience: Both consumers and businesses
Size: 300px x 300px
Cost: $300 per month
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My Stone Matrix Home Page
First Page that is displayed after login
Target audience: Only Stone businesses, that are registered members of Stone Matrix
Size: 500px x 70px
Cost: $900 per month
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Keyword Based
Salient Features:

Banner ads displayed inside "Sponsored Sections" on Search Result pages for products and companies.
Top search results guaranteed with sponsored listings.
Any criteria can be specified by the advertiser to display banner ads. For example Click here to Browse for Mosaics and you will see an ad for Mosaics from Walker Zanger. Similarly you can also choose criteria based on particular business type(s) and/or geographical location to display your banner ads.

Contact our Customer Relationship Managers to help you choose the perfect criteria for your promotions.
Description of Payment Plans under Keyword based program:

Two forms of payment plans are available for Keyword based advertising:
Cost per Click (CPC):
The advertiser pays only for the number of clicks on the banner.
Cost: $2.50 per click

Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM):

The advertiser pays for every 1000 views, or for every 1000 times his banner is displayed on the page.
Cost: $125 per 1000 impressions (views)
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Packages Available for Keyword based program:

All Keyword based ads need to be purchased in one of the following packages:
$250 Includes $150 as banner design charges
$500 FREE: One banner design worth $150
$750 FREE: Two banner designs worth $300
$1,000 FREE: Three banner designs worth $450
Additional banner design charges: $150 per banner.
Advertisers can also sign up for Keyword based advertising without utlizing our banner desugn service.
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My Stone Matrix Home Page
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