The change in color is most evident in the gray matter which acquires a dark gray or slate color contrasting markedly with the white matter. You may find some things about our Monthly you do not like, but just have a little Many reports of institutions and societies have been received which must of ne cessity lie over till some future month, chiefly for the lack of space. Uses - many little matters can be adjusted in a minute if understood, but they can lay one up for a day if one does not know how to find them. Findings in the other organs were of no significance. To exemplify this, the by a"pre-fungoid" stage. A week or more may elapse before the paralysis is recognized, especially if the shoulder has been kept bandaged and pain has prevented movement in the joint. Such cysts of the liver are always associated with congenital anomalies of the liver, consisting in aberrant bile price ducts, which may be extrahepatic or intrahepatic.

The lungs are charged with blood, contain air, are frequently cedematous and studded with points of atelectasis and hemorrhagic infarctions, while numerous sanguineous suffusions are observable beneath the pleura. Believers in hypnotism find in the suggestions of hypnosis and in the automatism of the post-hypnotic state, the controlling power; the alter ego; Jurists, or the dicta of law, that every person intends the consequences of his own acts, and that all persons in law are considered to be free, moral agents, declare that a purpose or motive exists for every human act. Tliis form of cardiac inailetjuacy because of insufficient food, and often as the result of an unwise use of colchicum or other drugs. The train is to to Detroit, thence over the Canadian Pacific, offers an attractive route to Boston, supriya with the advantages of the scenery of the Thousand Islands, Rapids of the St. Kidney Disease is suspected by medical men when patients complain of backache or suffer with irregular urination, disturbed, too rheumatic pains or neuralgia, headaches, dizzy spells, irritability, despondency, weakness and general misery.

Gel of the ear may assume a red, swollen, somewhat erysipelatous appearance, until on the third or fourth day typical patches of herpetic vesicles make their appearance. She asked me if I would adidas do this operation for her if she should become pregnant. Trifling operations, as lancing the gums, the extraction of a tooth, circumcision, or venesection, have been followed by fatal hemorrhage.

The correctness, therefore, of the treatment, which experience has established, very generally, in such cases, is confirmed by an examination of the effects of blisters on the different constituents of the blood. Notable improvement takes place in some cases. Approaching the deeper layers fragments or granular bits were interspersed with normal fibres. Hillier was compounding a prescription for a horse ointment. How soon the improvement may begin and how rapid it may be is shown by the following extracts from letters written by the parents of some of these patients:"Immediate improvement;""better in twenty-four hours, kicking in forty-eight hours;""different baby in a week;""progress simply marvelous;""immediate response to treatment;""improvement before taking the A CONSIDKUATION OF THE FEBRILE TEMPERATURES OR REPORT OF AN EPIDEMIC INFECTION An interesting phase of tlie first days of infant life is the many deviations from the normal temperature that occur and which arc so frequently overlooked unless It is not improbable, however, that this practice, the importance of which can not be too strongly urged, is seldom pursued to any extent even in maternity wards, unless an infant presents some marked evidence of illness; whereas the thermometer only in many cases renders it possible to determine early the presence of disease which by other methods of examination might be That this latter frequently occurs, and that an apparent want of acquaintance with diseases of the newborn exists, is well illustrated in the vital statistics by the meaningless terms ascribed as causes of death, to-wit, The temperature of the newborn immediately after birth is somewhat higher than that of the mother, the the rectal temperature is found to average, according to incident to exposure and the first bath, where employed, there is a drop in the temperature in the course of an Eross explains this apparently wide difference by assuming that some observers take the temperature immediately following the bath and thus do not note the subsequent decline: adapure. The action adipure which an anti-syphilitic treatment has upon the symptoms of the disease is often the measure of the severity of the affection and of the activity of metamorphosis, and thus The question of the possibility of the cure of syphilis, which is of such great prognostic importance, is one which has interested physicians from time immemorial, and one which has often been answered in the negative. He had been extensively operated on prior to his admission to the City Hospital and had three large drainage tubes and several gauze strips in as many sinuses. Brandy, or some form of spirit, and wine, sherry or Madeira, may be employed. The calcareous masses often present a concentric arrangement.

The _bronchopho ny has sometimes a tremulous or bleat ing character, jk pd is then tegoph ony. In addition to the sterility, the patient suffered with severe pains for about three days just about midway between the periods (the so-called" Mittelschmerz" of the Germans). The swollen glands are painless and may be recognized upon palpation as separate and distinct. Martin Solon, having lately observed pulsations in the dorsal veins of the hands in two instances, in which it appeared to him that the pulsations were evidently transmitted through the capillaries, wished to draw the attention of the Academy to this phenomenon.