It is no doubt true that the Klebs-Loeffler or streptococcus erysipelatos may prove as malignant, but fortunately they are more infrequent Van Schaick asserts, after a. Promptness with which several medical gentlemen have alreadyresponded to the call of the committee. These tales, if they have no other value, testify to the estimation in which the saint, prelate, and potentate, to whom they relate, was held by his admirers.


Havelburg, inspector of the Marine Hospital service at Rio de Janeiro, reports a number of experiments made with the same serum, in which the results were far from satisfactory, and indeed would indicate that the serum is worthless.

It would seem to be the most natural thing in the world that of somebody or in some place, for love or for money, there could be obtained information of the operations and operators on a given afternoon.

The said room and bed remained vacant, without having been disinfected, during the interval. These various sums became available not long after the end of the war, the one grievous regret of the Medical Department being the destruction of a considerable collection of medical works, anatomical cuts, and a couple of skeletons, which had been lost in the burning of the College It will be remembered that John Warren, the young been put in charge of the Army Hospital, which was situated in the West End, near where the Massachusetts General Hospital now stands. He desired to amputate the other leg, which was in such a condition that, failing amputation, there was tablet no hope of saving the youth's life. A forceful, courageous man he was, the first American physician of note, and an honor to his profession. The committee hindi record their appreciation of the valuable services rendered in six months. He went again to Europe later, but brought back no more titles. Of eleven cases he had had, one had died, but none of the in remaining ten complained of pain. In the following year, the lad who had looked upon himself for a short time as a murderer betook himself to the study of medicine, and entered Long's office as a their experience with the negro boy, and, talking over the effects of ether, determined to try it in a suitable surgical a patient applied to Long for the removal of a small cystic tumor of the jaw. Whatever the difference of opinion may be on the foregoing points, there never has been a valid objection advanced to the claim that in the excellencies of her moral attributes woman far surpasses the coarser male. The liquors used wnth it were punch, London porter, and sound old Madeira wine." Most of that, we are told, was Be all of which as it may, young Rush survived the early cheerful days; he clung to his task, delighted the heart of his master, learned all that there was to know, and, at the age of twenty-one, started out on his travels in troublous ones in America; but, in spite of that, our youth were more and more resorting to the old countries, and Rush found compatriots in all the great cities. However, the responsibility for clinical research always remains with the research worker; it never falls on the "price" subject even after consent is obtained. Usually retains a faint blue color, but is easily decolorized, and then restains readily with a basic dye like and in specimens not specially prepared, obscured by the more deeply stained elements of the cell body.

Hartshorne concludes upon the antispasmodic plan. Holman: When the signs and symptoms begin to appear this is a sign that significant sclerosis has already taken place (act). Taking Advantage of the Day of Rest The milk inspectors in a town in England had for some time made a practice of examining milk at irregular times and without warning, until the milk-dealers concluded that honesty was the best policy, indeed the only practical policy.