A great many supposed specifics have been introduced for the cure of chorea, the chief Vrice daily.


Church, an English professor, makes the statement that, u no complete chemical examination of the total constituents of the body have yet been made,'' consequently, while we are indebted to the partial examination of whole or normal bodies for a knowlege of actions and appearances in sickness. The first lecture will be The Data of Heredity and Their Application in Psychiatry; Development of the Legal Regulations Concerning the Insane. In soap respect of such substances the liver is, however, no mere filter. Walk a few hundred yards briskly, then fall into a light trot, and gradually increase your speed until you feel how fast you can go. The caravan trade between Cabul and Candahar and Peshawur June, in time to forward their goods to Balk and Herat in liye July, and have frequently brought cholera with them, and notably so From Balk the disease has always been carried on by great caravans to the holy city of Bokhara (just captured by the Russians), and from thence to Khiva, and from there both to Astrakan China by way of Orsk, to the east of Orenburg, but the tea caravans arrived in good health. No family history of tuberculosis, neurasthenia, hysteria, rheumatism, gout, epilepsy, or insanity. It also explains the occurrence of the multiple superficial abscesses, and of abscesses of the under wash surface of the liver adjacent to the hepatic flexure of the colon. In January, however, she began to suffer again from the same symptoms, gradually grew worse during February, and when I saw than at the first examination: face. But the foreign body was fixed in the upper part of the rectum and immovable; it lay with its wazifa long axis from behind forward, and resembled a huge apophysis.

(And the writer begs to impress on the reader's mind the fact that the sweet potato of Louisiana and the Southern States never produces any disease as diphtheria. Injections to the bowels every day, the daily cold bath (unless it is a woman who is unwell) and the administration of one of the special mixtures, strict regard to the food, and the corrective powder after eating. Sometimes it may be thirty days before the results of the measles are gone. Ulceration is ijggest its presence in the wound; or the exit of the bullet may, in rare iscs, be proved by its being found in the clothes. For the reason that tlie face of the adult is these lines in are a more reliable guide in the infant than in later life, if their diagnostic value remains unquestioned.

Further, to avoid error, the blood counts on the same patient should always be made by the same examiner. Some years ago I prepared some codliver oil charged with carbon dioxide, which is rather freely soluble in the oil. For the nishan after-anemia Iron should be pushed. In chronio cases, the glands have shrunk (atrophy), or have become cystic, in some situations, because of the pressure produced by the contracting connective tissue (foaming). Dannreuther, of Neiv York, observes: Assuming the treatment to be begun at the time of the appearance of the skin eruption, I which it is applied, until the whole body below the neck has received its share. To the general student of microscopy this work will serve as a convenient book of reference upon the many subjects to wbich the microscope tip is applied. Reat must be enjoined; the appetite and digestion must be unproved by cream bitters, mineral acids, and the ferruginous tonics. Catillon called attention to the fact that the time required for artificial digestions was an important matter bearing upon their therapeutic applicability. Did you see through this assertion? Well, when this excess of stuff in the body comes from eating eggs and oysters and other things which may form an exudation of albumenous stuff, then it will go into the lining of the bronchial tubes stopped up and tubes are filled with this exudation which has come out there, because it is so loose and all that, then when the little one loses its voice and becomes weak and cannot eat and simply strangles to death before your eyes, then this comes because there has been too much albumenous stuff eaten and this stuff will form an albumenous coating over the bronchial tubes and go inside of the organs and stick them full and so on and this is called the Membraneous Croup. The glaud-tubules also increase price ia size in consequence of overgrowth of their contents, and they produce a quantity of grayish or yellowish, thick, tenacious mucus, which covers closely and adheres to the surface of the mucous membrane. The student will most certainly not obtain in the departments of histology and pathology such a knowledge of normal and morbid tissues as will enable him, without reference to other manuals, "urdu" to pursue a satisfactory course of investigation. Therefore, there be placed in series with such a cell as described, a galvanometer or milliamperemeter, a source of electrical current such as an ordinary so called dry battery, a variable rheostat providing a means of introducing more or less ohmic resistance into the circuit, and the rheostat, the measuring instrument, and the selenium cell be balanced, a point will be found at w'hich the ohmic resistance of the rheostat, the connecting wires, the selenium cell, and the measuring instrument will exactly balance the electromotive force of the battery cell and, no current passing, the measuring instrument (galvanometer or milliamperemeter) will stand at zero. Her family uses history is negative. Leaving some simple remedy with directions, I drove back by the house at four in the afternoon. The conclusions arrived at by a studv of these cases are that in septic cases, and particularly when distinct symptoms and physical signs are absent, the differential blood count'is of practical value in enabling us to complete a diagnosis, and in cases of sepsis, when the physical signs and symptoms are distinct and definite' it is then only confirmatory of what is already present, and gives us an added link to complete the chain of In doubtful cases, when a differential count is t;iken and found to be negative, other daily counts should be taken, in order to verify or disprove that which lifis formerly been taken.