His committee recommended that the secretary-treasurer be directed to purchase and properly keep a ledger of income and disbursements, and that a record be so kept that will show each member's dues are paid, together with the date of payment. Daily complete arm abduction is of advantage in preventing limitation of shoulder joint motion. The presence of mercury in the acid reagent makes it probable, however, that other substances, nonproteid in character, readily urine in health and disease are probably also precipitated Professor of Surgery, Chicago Polyclinic; Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Rush Medical College; Attending Surgeon to Hospital; Consulting Surgeon to the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary. He was made to inhale some chloroform, and the fits did not return.

Messengers were sent to the brother tribes, the Bloods and the North Blackfeet, and to the Gros Ventres, friends of the Blackf eet, and the war was started. The voice was relatively good, the tone was veiled, but the hoarseness not marked.


Since market introduction, hepatitis and jaundice have been reported. In cases where the tumor cannot be seen or reached some have resorted to slitting up telefone the outer wall of the nostril as far as the angle of union of the nasal and maxillary bones, care being taken to make the incision outside the upper end of the cartilage of the ala nasi. It is sharply circumscribed where the affected arterioles have no free anastomosis with those of neighboring parts, diffuse where anastomosis is abundant, and when on the skin it is liable to rise in knots or buttons as in urticaria: acadepol. These pins could be withdrawn very early, and would greatly favour healing at the earliest possible moment. He was graduated from the medical department of McGlll University In IWfl.

I will only trouble you to speak of one more point, and that is, the fact that asylum managers should be men of large experience in the general treatment of disease. Sitting on the haunches may suggest a similar trouble or it may imply ruptured stomach or diaphragm: tablet. He would build an oblong, pyramidal log pen about dght by sixteen feet at the base, and eight feet in height, the last layer of logs being placed about eighteen inches apart.

It indicates, apparently, considerable disorganisation of the cells before the antitoxic serum has had time to act. That such often is the case, however, there cannot be a doubt, and statistics of any center of population in which infant insurance largely which cannot but suggest the question whether parents should be permitted to realize what must often appear to be a considerable accession of wealth by There has been a sharp discussion in the Times during the last month or so on the subject of brain surgery, and there has been a good deal of acrimonious dispute as to which" school" is entitled to the distinction of having commenced such operations, although any credit attaching to the experiments is considerably diminished by the somewhat important detail that the patients whose cases have been reported appear to have all died. If seen late, all catharsis should be avoided. With sterile natives, prolific foreigners, lessened immigration and its changed character, it would seem as if a submerging of the original Anglosaxon stock and character is inevitable. Being also firmly convinced that the great amount of drinking of alcoholic liquors among the working classes of this country is one of health, happiness, and welfare of those classes, and neutralising, to a large extent, the great industrial prosperity which Providence has placed within the reach of this nation, the undersigned would gladly support any wise legislation which would tend to restrict, within proper limits, the me of alcoholic beverages, and gradually introduce habits of temperance. Persons liable to swelling of In cases such as those which are ordinarily seen in hospital practice, Mr. After that time, I should disturb the sponge as little as possible, simply washing away the discharge with some antiseptic solution.

Defervescence occurred by lysis and the child made an uninterrupted recovery. Externally it presented no peculiar appearance: the color was nearly the same as during life, and we did not observe on the depending parts of the body the usual dark-colored spots from the gravitated blood. We cannot bring ourselves to accept his idea of the pathogenesis of these affections. At every menstrual period she was obliged to keep her bed for from three days to a week, on account of severe suffering. From them, too, the professors are chosen, although this is more the case in Thus it will appear that efficiency in professorial chairs is secured, more than anything else, by the completely organised system in which the rising generation of scientific workers are trained.

The succeeding tables show conclusively that we have by no means approached even satisfaction, to say nothing of having realized the ideal in the treatment of this disease.

In the Mystic valley the sewage of tanneries has for several years been pumped by the city of Boston into reservoirs of deposit obviously too small to eliminate even the matter in suspension.

Alcohol may prove beneficial in some cases that are peculiarly asthenic. The wound heals very prompth'. This is the name of a symptom rather than a disease. Attention is therefore drawn to the locai poison manufactory almost as soon as it begins to discharge its poisons into the system, and the serum may be utilised to antagonise the poison before it has had time to injure the nerves and muscles. As soon as suppuration is fairly established, he makes a very small puncture with a tenotomy-knife at a depending part of the swelling, the contents being allowed to drain away spontaneously. Study of the fluid at first caused a suspicion that it came from a cyst. In some cases death may occur at a later period from subacute peritonitis.

Legroux referred to a case which he had seen the year before, of a woman sixty years of age, who had suffered for years from a fibrous tumor of the uterus, and who presented a varicose development of the abdominal cutaneous vein, the terminal divisions of which joined the mammary veins which were equally dilated. As an extreme instance of the variations found in practical experience, one may cite the observation of Rumsey, all in the same population at the same time.