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Why advertise with Stone Matrix
1. Premier Audience

Stone Matrix is backed by aggressive online and offline marketing campaigns to deliver high volume of qualified buyer traffic. This includes getting top ranks in various search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to divert traffic from these popular sites to Stone Matrix.
Search Engines
2. Cost-Effective
Stone Matrix is the most cost-effective advertising solution available for the stone industry, generating a better ROI for advertisers. The following chart compares the rates and impact of advertising in Stone World and Stone Matrix.
Chart comparing the rates and impact of advertising in Stone World and Stone Matrix.
3. Flexible Programs

Stone Matrix offers various programs and packages that can be further customized to meet your objectives and help deliver the maximum return on your investment.

You can choose between keyword based advertising, where your ads are displayed only on specific criteria or non-keyword based where your banner is shown to anyone visiting that page. This allows you to define the target for your brand's communication.
In keyword based advertising, you can target your ads very precisely with a combination of programmable criteria. For ex a fabricator can choose to display his ad when "Fabricator" is searched or only when "Fabricator" from a particular city or state is searched. So your ads are displayed only to your targeted customers.
(In Keyword based advertising) Based on your preference, you can choose to pay for every hit on your banner or every time your banner is displayed on the page.
  To help us design a customized package that meets your business needs, please call us at (1) 646 443 1300 or write to us at